A good sci-fi day

Today is a good day for sci-fi… or at least a good day for me, as I acquire sci-fi books.

Specially, I’ve just gotten the new Aurora Cycle book, Aurora Burning, and I am dying to see what happens in it. Aurora Rising is an excellent book and everybody who sees this should go get it. It’s not devoid of issues – for instance, I really didn’t gel with the relationship between Aurora and Kal; it never felt real or natural to me the way the other budding relationships did. But I loved the sci-fi mystery at the heart of it, and the eventual revelation of what is really going on. There’s romance, there’s action, there’s comedy, there’s tragedy… and so I really want to see what happens next.

And then there’s Murderbot. Murderbot is the central character of four novellas that have been written over the last few years by author Martha Wells, about a self-hacking robot who loves soap operas. It’s a prime example of how a character/perspective/writing style can save a story from being depressing or grim, and I defy you to read these stories and not fall completely in love with Murderbot.

So I’ve got some reading to do. Toodles.

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