Taking a break (from other stuff)

I am really not feeling good today.

Granted, I don’t feel good most days. But I’m thinking seriously about taking a break from social media from awhile. Not from this blog – I would probably dedicate more time to the blog – but from stuff like Twitter.

Twitter is quite possibly the worst site on the planet that does not contain snuff films, animal abuse or child porn. It’s a mass of rather stupid people festering with hatred, arrogance, closed-mindedness and a total inability to debate anything intelligently. Youtube comments sections are positively kind and loving compared to Twitter.

And honestly, I have never felt at all accepted or safe there. Quite the opposite. Barely a day goes by when I don’t see someone being either casually bigoted towards me or people of my religion, or angrily and vitriolically. I hear people bleating about how social media is a “safe space” for many people, and how they should “feel safe,” but I have never felt safe there, and they couldn’t care less.

Hell, I feel actively threatened by some of these people.

And the worst part is, these people rule Twitter. These are not little fringe groups. These people are pretty much the face of Twitter, and they have countless supporters, and they have power to intimidate companies and politicians.

So I’m thinking about taking a break from social media for awhile – from Twitter, from Facebook, even from Youtube comment sections. I have writing I want to do (including this blog), and reading, and getting back in touch with what’s actually important. I want to stay in touch with the few friends I have online, but my emotional and mental health are being negatively affected by all the hatred and bigotry I’ve been exposed to.

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